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Crane Assisted Tree Work

Whether we’re trimming or removing a tree, you need to take precautions when working in residential areas. Tree trimming and removal are about improving and protecting the surrounding landscape. Crane-assisted tree work allows us to perform the job efficiently, safely, and with great care for the tree, property, and people.
Crane-assisted tree work is:

The Process

Whether trimming or removing a tree, our process is always the same. We come in, station, cut, grab, and lower safely.

Residential tree work often creates situations where a tree is in a hard-to-reach place, near homes, structures, buildings, roads, people, and other obstacles. Crane-assisted tree-work gives us better access and eliminates the need for the tree, limbs, and branches to fall. Instead, the tree is cut, lifted, and lowered onto a safe drop zone.

The process is safe, systematic, and efficient.

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Mitigating Risk

A hazardous tree needs to be removed quickly and safely, whether due to rot, pests, or storm damage. Tree work also poses a risk to the surrounding landscape around the removal. A crane allows us to more efficiently and carefully remove the tree and maneuver around any obstacles with ease.

If a tree is structurally unsound, it can be dangerous to climb, and a crane becomes essential. The crane allows us to protect our crew and surroundings, move in quickly, set up, and carefully remove the tree before it causes severe damage.

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The potential trip hazard on your property is just one potential problem. A dead tree trunk will begin to rot, inviting a slew of potential issues to your property.

Not all tree stumps die immediately. Many can provide the right environment for new growth. New growth is a positive and adds character to your garden and stump, but it can also drain your soil of essential nutrients and moisture necessary for the rest of your garden to stay healthy.

Rotting wood attracts wood pests, like beetles, ants, and termites. If only they’d stick to the delicious rotting stump in your garden, we wouldn’t have a problem, but pests are greedy and will start to expand their borders. Before you know it, they’ve taken over your home.

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