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Tree Removal

Removing a tree is a big decision and should be done thoughtfully in consultation with professionals with the right skills and equipment. We help homeowners make the right decision about their trees, weighing ethical and safety concerns. 

If complete removal is justified, we offer everything needed to complete the process. 

Our tree removal process:

ISA Certified Arborist Letter

Florida law requires homeowners to acquire an ISA Certified Arborist letter documenting the property, tree condition and health, recommendations, and justifications for removing the tree. Acquiring an arborist letter ensures the consideration of preservation and protection of certain shade trees in your area and safety concerns before making recommendations for removal. 

We take care of all permits and licensing in-house, saving you the time and the headache of navigating the process and the paperwork. 

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Removal Techniques

Removing a tree is dangerous. Tree condition and health will determine the best way to remove the tree. Our crew specializes in tree science, removal techniques, and operating equipment required for safe and swift tree removal.

We offer the following tree removal techniques:

Safety is our number one concern. Removing a tree can take several steps and can not always be done with one cut. Segmenting the tree may be required to protect our crew and surrounding properties and structures. 

A tree in rapid decline may be unsafe to climb, requiring alternative solutions. We consider every risk and component before making recommendations for tree removal.

Upon completion, we offer stump grinding and hauling away the mulch at the homeowner’s request.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

Despite planning, pruning, and trimming prior to Florida’s hurricane season, many trees will suffer irreversible damage and pose threats and dangers to properties and public safety.

We can address any tree emergency service in Pinellas County within 24 hours. 

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